Features Overview

Make web presence for your jobs

Create a hosted, branded and mobile friendly candidate facing website in minutes. No training required. Check out how it looks.

Publish jobs directly

Post jobs directly to your careers page through our dashboard. Design your application questions to each job opening — get only the information you need to screen applicants.

Job description templates

We have done it all, you can simply use our well thought of JDs that attract the right talent in the right way.

Add Knock out questions specific to each Job

Ensure that you ask the right questions for the right job so that you save time and effort searching through your piles of resume.

Bespoke application forms

Align the field you want to ask specific to each job. Save your time and also keep the candidates engaged.

Predefined email templates

We a bunch of email templates waiting for you to set the tone of talk for your company. However you may customize it yourself.

Search for Talent

Post to multiple job portals

vHirePro links to the popular job portals so that all your work is done in one.
Indeed LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Naukri Monster

Strengthen your Social Signals

Make available your job requirements over your social media channels directly from your dashboard. Make your job requirements reach a wider audience through social sharing.

Email parsing

Make it as easy as possible for great candidates to apply. Use one-click apply through LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Mobile Apply. Or give applicants the option to apply using their Monster or Indeed profiles.

Direct parsing

Broaden your reach for free when you post jobs through vHirePro they’re automatically featured on LinkedIn and Monster’s organic feeds.

Import through outlook

Import resumes through outlook directly in the ATS system with seamless integration. Have maximum resumes in minimum effort and time.

Work with third party consultants

Add recruiters who would want to furnish their candidate database to you and talk to them and their contribution of applicants in one complete system.

Track Applicants

Boolean Search

Find talent with a combination of over 35 smart search algorithms. Search within resumes along with the entire tail of the candidate and history.

Re-recruit feature

Track back the second most likely candidates with the re-recruit feature. This saves a lot of repeated efforts.

Resume reminder

Send auto reminders to candidates for refreshing their resumes so that your database is always kept fresh.

Align Knock out questions specific to each job

Take the data entry out of hiring; accept and auto-upload resumes by email.

Reduces filing

vHirePro automatically collects all the documents necessary for every candidate so that you have everything in one place.

Rate Candidates

Rate candidates and score them based on set criteria that help make talent search easier.

Seamless Email integration

Reply to every candidate through the system with your own email address one on one without the need to log in.

Bulk Correspondence

Bulk-reply every candidate automically with a personalized email from your desk. Automize your correspondences to every candidate.

Truly Mobile

Have the control even on your mobile with all the features required for you to function when you are on your hand held / mobile device.

VideoMize resumes

24x7 walking

Throw open the entire day to the candidates to deposit their video interview by also answering customised answers you may want them to answer.

Video Resume

Scan through video resumes and see for yourself which candidate best suits your need.

Other Features

Powerful Scoring Mechanism

Based on your pre set questionnaire vHirePro will give scoring to the candidate making you even more effective while hiring right candidate.

Share Notes & Evaluations Internally

Collect interview feedback and feedback from your colleagues in one place.

Attach Documents to Candidates & Job

Keep all candidate and job related information and documents in one central place within the applicant tracking system.

Create & Delegate Tasks

After adding team members to the applicant tracking system, you can create and delegate such tasks as interviews and screenings to anyone on your team. Your team will also receive reminders to complete their tasks

Utilize the power of Social Media

Connect with candidates on social media platforms. Post individual job openings with unique URL handle or on your career page & Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages.

Share Candidates with Team Members

You can easily share candidates, job or documents with your active and passive users through vHirePro. If involving multiple employees in the hiring process is standard procedure for your business, this aspect of our recruitment software is absolutely imperative.

Notifications & Alerts

vHirePro sends email notifications to Recruiter, Hiring Manager and Owners when candidates are added or applied to your position and reminders about upcoming tasks. This feature of our recruiting software is especially helpful when multiple users are involved in the hiring process. So if your inbox is flooded you can stop notification.

Import from multiple formats of Resume

Let vHirePro do data entry job! Utilize resume parsing technology to seamlessly to parse multiple resumes and import candidates directly to your database. Our applicant tracking system accepts resume attachments in every format, from DOC and DOCX to RTF, HTML and PDF. You can bulk upload all in one shot (using zip file) from your computer as well.

Documents/Attachments Collaboration

Maintain and share documents with specific people or everyone in your organization for easy and efficient collaboration of events and data distribution.

Candidate Management

Know everything about your candidates and track their activities right from sourcing to hiring. Stay organized and informed to ensure you hire best talent.

Event Management

vHirePro reminds you about all events on your schedule. You can share files collaborate from one place. Allowing everyone to confirm their presence; now you will have complete certainty of who is available for themeeting.

Track Source of Candidate

vHirePro automatically tracks the source of your candidate so you can analyze the performance of social/job portals. Take informed business decision based on ones need more attention.

Candidate Login

This feature allow applicants to create an account and save personal information into the database for future use. Giving them an ability update resume, connect with recruiter and withdraw application so you don't end up spending time short-listing candidates who joined somewhere else.

Workflow Management

StartATS allows multiple hiring workflows. Automate this process and eliminate time-wasting tasks by managing your workflow.

Create Workflow Rules/Triggers

Create tasks, send emails or create events automatically based on your workflow status. Use an email template to notify specified recipients when a workflow is triggered and carried out. Automate hiring by creating custom workflow rules to fit your routine

Roles & Permissions

Control every aspect of vHirePro account by creating and managing different roles. Administrators can grant users various degrees of access, giving you control of tasks performed throughout the system.

Create and Analyze Reports

Analyze every piece of data in your database, create custom reports and export to increase your efficiency & overall recruiting power.

Microsoft & MS Word Outlook Plug-in

Want to use your Outlook email or MS WORD resume file into your vHirePro account? Now you can with the Microsoft Outlook & MS Word plug-in.

Candidate Auto-response

In a competitive job market like today's, there are huge demand for candidates. With candidate auto-response, you can be Employer Friendly & save yourself the time of manually replying to every single one.

Duplicate Candidate Prevention

Control duplicate candidate records with configurable rules that prevent candidates from submitting candidates who are already in the system, and prevents candidates from submitting new applications for existing job requisitions that they are already attached to.

Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG)

vHirePro includes a new rich text editor which enables you to create WYSIWYG job descriptions without HTML coding.

Private Openings

The private openings feature of our recruiting software preserves your hiring workflow functionality while ensuring you won't be overwhelmed with candidates.

Data and Security

Data Backup

Your data is safe! your data is stored in and served from Amazon EC2 servers that are certified US-EU Safe Harbor compliant. Every account is password protected, and your information can be accessed only by your users. We retain all your data unless you expressly ask to delete it upon account termination. If you request a data export, we will send it to you in a .BAK file that is password protected, and password is sent to the email address separately upon request to preserve the integrity of your human resources data security.